Roku and DISH = Limiting choices

I love my Roku box. Everyone should have one. Great interface, huge channel selection and never any hardware or connection problems. There is only one aspects of Roku’s world that I have concerns with, that is thier partnership with DISH with regard to international programming. TV shows from foreign countries is the sole domain of DISH. 

No other developer or app can intrude on that domain. Maybe that is OK with you, but when you look for international channels there are only a handful of channels available, and guess what? Here is the hook, you can only get new channels when DISH decides to make them available (just like every cable company does to  begin with). So if I or anyone else decides to make a French channel today (the channel I am waiting for so I can dump cable) you can not post it to the Roku channel selection. You have to wait. Wait for what? For DISH to decide when to maximize their profits? Who know.

Also, don’t forget DISH will charge you a monthly fee where may channels with great content are free. They may tell you that they have to pay fees to the content providers justifying their prices, but won’t tell you how much the fees are (remember cable company) so you are stuck again.

Whereas with the newest developments in android apps and hardware there is hope for cable cutters. Ouya and Chromecast offer options for free international programming with no one company controlling the availability of apps or countries you can choose from.

These devices plug directly into your TV and offer a way to watch international programing without any influence of cable companies.

The Chromecast option is not yet available, but you can see more about the latest developments here





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