The Role of Streaming TV in an IPTV World

I started paying attention to my family’s viewing habits and discovered that like most family’s, we leave the TV on all day to make the noise people are most comfortable with hearing. Being able to glance at the TV when something interests you like a news flash. I would walk into the room and ask if I can change channels because no one is really watching while family members read books, pay bills, etc.. The answer I usually get is “Sure no problem, I am not really watching.” Does this describe your family? If it does, then think about what options are already out there that cost little or nothing to get you to dump cable.

The easiest streaming option with a little money is an outdoor antenna mounted in your attic or outside, depending on your location and geography. Simply go to and find out what stations are available based on your address. Chances are you can get 5-6 major stations like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and PBS. You can also go to YouTube and search for HD antennas. You get tons of how to make your own HD antenna for a few bucks.

So what happens at the end of the day when you really want to watch all your “favorite” shows? TADA! IPTV gives you all your shows for a few bucks month. You say “but doesn’t the antenna already give me my shows at night too? Yes it does. But if the over the air reception in your location doesn’t meet your expectations, then here is what you can do.

Buy a Roku 3 device for $100. Sign up for HULU Plus for $7.99 a month and Bingo you are good to go. The reason I use HULU Plus is because like most people, I do not watch all my favorite shows when they are broadcast. With HULU Plus, I get an instant DVR with the whole season of my shows saved for me. There is a free version of HULU you can try that does not give you your shows for a day or two (depending on the original broadcast channel) and will give you limited past episode access, but it is Free.

Roku also gives  you cable channels like PBS, Lifetime, A&E, History who have thier own channels on the Roku box. Add in some extras like Snag films (free) or Netflix (paid) and that is alot of content.

Roku channels like Redbox and VUDU let you rent movies like you may be used to without leaving your house.

So what are you waiting for? Dump  Cable!




No More Commercials on ABC Network – DISH did it!

Finally someone got the message. Last week Disney (whoowns ABC) made a deal with DISH networks to provide content from ABC with NO repeat NO commercials! You have to wait 3 days from the original broacast day to see the programming. But so what!

The deal will allow DISH customers to hop or skip commercials while you are watching using DISH’s auto hop technology. Meanwhile CBS and NBC are still fighting DISH over this feature.

Who knows maybe the logic will catch on and spread.

Coming Soon – Casting from Android to Chromecast

Due to the lack of cohesiveness in the home media space, there are many apps that can provide casting of media which is located on your android device to devices like Roku, media servers and Chromcast. My opinion is that this is a great first step. But lets take the next step and use your android device to cast content from android apps on the device to Roku’s, media servers and Chromcast (media devices).

The advantages are huge. You could download media apps like ABC, NBC, CBS, TV5 Monde and other international content apps and then cast the shows or movies to your media devices. Finally a content solution that can not be corrupted by large national content providers, ISP’s and others; and no monthly fees!

Developer Koushik Dutta’s AllCast app for android is the first step to freedom. Koush is developing an andorid app that can do exactly what I described above. Wow! When will this super content app arrive? No one knows right now, but indications are maybe this summer. l

In the meantime google Koush and look at some of the Youtube videos he has created.

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