Coming Soon – Casting from Android to Chromecast

Due to the lack of cohesiveness in the home media space, there are many apps that can provide casting of media which is located on your android device to devices like Roku, media servers and Chromcast. My opinion is that this is a great first step. But lets take the next step and use your android device to cast content from android apps on the device to Roku’s, media servers and Chromcast (media devices).

The advantages are huge. You could download media apps like ABC, NBC, CBS, TV5 Monde and other international content apps and then cast the shows or movies to your media devices. Finally a content solution that can not be corrupted by large national content providers, ISP’s and others; and no monthly fees!

Developer Koushik Dutta’s AllCast app for android is the first step to freedom. Koush is developing an andorid app that can do exactly what I described above. Wow! When will this super content app arrive? No one knows right now, but indications are maybe this summer. l

In the meantime google Koush and look at some of the Youtube videos he has created.

home media guy



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