Getting off the Streaming TV Treadmill – Dump Cable!

I don’t know about you guys, but when Diane Sawyer or Peter Jennings cover consumer problems in Boise, Idaho to fill the 30 minutes of “National” news; is it really worth your time to sit through 10-12 minutes of commercials to watch the few minutes of real news? Two weeks ago I gave up watching live TV. Yep. The homemediaguy gave up live/streaming TV. I tried recording the shows I wanted to watch because I was too busy or they were on too late at night and I still couldn’t catch up on the weekend, because I was too busy or tired or whatever.

Here is what I am getting at. We have become so accustomed and conditioned by the cable companies to put aside our lives and focus on their content. We don’t go out and talk to our neighbors, or do our hobby, or even play video games, because “our show is on tonight”. I took charge of my life.

I have my Roku boxes connected to all my TV’s and subscribe to the Free HULU channel on my Roku for my TV show watching. I have 6 Free movie channels including SnagFilms, Kino Lorber, Directors Chair, Café’ Noir, Film Movement and OV Guide. I use the Redbox channel for rented movies and Crackle for my Jerry Seinfeld fix called “Coffee with Comedians”.

I have other Roku channels that also provide free classic TV shows along with PBS and news channels that show only real news segments without the fluff.

Let me summarize. Except for the occasional Redbox purchase, all my other programming is FREE. Actually having my 50” Samsung TV shut off as the default instead of on with mindless noise, I actually enjoy watching what I want, when I want and have taken charge of my daily life and schedule.

Oh for you news junkies, I get 99% of my news from the web with no commercials and it takes 10-15 minutes on my tablet or laptop. Freedom is wonderful. Try it and let me know how it works for you.