DISHWorld International TV – The Same Old Cable Stuff

I have based my primary IPTV video content access on the Roku box. They deserve it, after all they pioneered IPTV hardware and have done a super job of providing content channels for their customers.

It is unfortunate that somebody at Roku pretty much shot the winning race horse just as the race is starting. Roku signed an exclusive deal with DISH to provide ALL of the international programming channels available through the Roku box. So now DISH controls WHAT international programming you can access and HOW MUCH you have to pay. Unlike the Android platform that has hundreds of international IPTV apps available.

Don’t get me wrong, I will pay a fair price for services or products I want or need. Most people will. But every day you read about how cable companies are holding subscribers hostage with unwanted channels and stupidly high prices. You would think the move to IPTV would relieve you of the burden of being held hostage by a huge mega company. The DISH/Roku deal looks and smells like another cable company move to creep into the IPTV world. Let me explain.

Right now I can access TV content from almost any country in the world. Many times for FREE. I can view foreign TV websites on my computer or tablet and view directly on my device or steam to my TV (android tablets/phones or Windows PC/Linux). Sometimes I need a VPN solution like Hola! ( to get around geo locking (you can’t view shows unless you are digitally located in that country, VPN’s do that for you).

So why would you ask would someone like Roku LIMIT programming availability through their device when they are the leader for online IPTV content provider? I don’t know. I can’t figure it out. But if you look at the DISHWorld website ( and read the press releases; we should all be happy that if you want to watch programming in the following 15 languages:

  1. Arabic
  2. Brazilian
  3. Bangla
  4. Gujarati
  5. Hindi
  6. Malayalam
  7. Punjabi
  8. Tamil
  9. Telugu
  10. Urdu
  11. Cantonese
  12. Mandarin
  13. Taiwanese
  14. Filipino
  15. Vietnamese
  16. English

Now don’t get me wrong, I think it great to START with 15 languages, but it has been two years and guess what? No new languages. Sure looks like cable and smells like cable to me. It sure would be nice if they threw in a few more languages (I should say countries) like:

  1. French
  2. German
  3. Spanish
  4. Canadian
  5. Polish
  6. Russian

Well they may offer those languages because for $10/month I can get programming in those language I just mentioned from my cable company! I love competition don’t you? By the way DISHWorld is offering all of this variety through your Roku box for around $20/month. There are multiple channels available for that amount, but I can get pretty close to the same quantity and quality of content from a FREE IPTV android app in foreign languages as well.

I am not sure I understand why DISHWorld thinks just because they offer their programming over IPTV instead of satellite, its still worth the $20 or so a month to get to content you can get for FREE or for less cost.

I can’t blame DISHWorld or Roku for making a business deal that works for both of them. That’s business right. My point is there is NO ONE looking out for you. It’s all about MONEY. I love my Roku boxes, and I love my French TV programming. Thank goodness I can use my tablet or PC to get to that content and put it on my TV WITHOUT DishWorld. Looks like cable, smells like cable.

You decide.









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