FREE Old Movies and TV shows for your PC & Roku

The Roku box has given me the freedom to watch what I want when I want pretty much for free. Getting on in age I sometimes miss the old movies you used to be able to watch on Saturday or Sunday afternoon before cable TV. Classics from the 40’s or 50’s like “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” or old TV shows like “Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe”.

 Well guess what. There are web sites that give you the opportunity to relive those experiences. They can do this for free because the movies, TV shows and even old commercials are now in the Public Domain. That is, no copyrights, no digital rights management. Free!

 The first web site is a curator of TV shows, movies, documentaries and even commercials, and lets you download anything you want for free. Another web site has a huge list of just movies you can easily browse through.

 The best part is that there is a Roku channel called that gives you access to the content from the web site I just mentioned. And its FREE! The Roku channel categorizes the content for you with different movie categories including categories for TV and commercials.

 So if you have some time to spare, and feel a little nostalgic, tune into the Archive channel on your Roku and watch some really great content, as usual, for FREE.



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