Quitting Cable is harder than you think (Do the Math) August 2014

I quit smoking cigars years ago, right when the tobacco patches started being available. It was hard, but not as hard as quitting cable. What am I talking about? Pricing and bundling by the internet providers who also happen to provide us with cable TV. The providers are getting smarter (no Kidding!). Raise the price of internet service and provide packages that make it irresistible to drop the other stuff like phone service and cable TV.

Look around the country, unless you are lucky enough to be able to subscribe to Net Zero internet service or someone like them, you are stuck with Verizon, Comcast, Charter or Time Warner. Look at their websites and you will find that to get decent video streaming speeds you end up paying $50/month for just internet service.




Internet only (25/50)



Phone only



Basic cable only (135 channels)






Verizon Bundle Local TV


Internet & Local TV (40-70 some in HD)

Verizon Bundle #1


Internet, phone & TV (225+ channels including 65+ in HD)

Verizon Bundle #2


Internet, phone & Local   TV (40-70 some in HD)


Cable Boxes (1 DVR and 3 boxes)


 You’re killing me!

Note: Prices will rise dramatically after intro period or contract.

Pre-Internet TV and Phone service

Back when I was younger, my parents had AT&T phone service with no voicemail, paid for long distance phone calls to friends and relatives and got 4-5 channels of FREE TV. The cost was $30/month for the phone service and another $10-$20/month for long distance. So say $50/month, 30 years ago.

My point here is that yeah we have to pay something for phone and TV access and to get that access for $50/month is paying way too much, but you don’t have a choice. The question is why are we getting killed to rent cable boxes at the prices everyone charges? We don’t have to pay. Thank goodness for the Roku device.

Never have to negotiate again with the Cable/Internet Company

Go ahead and bite the bullet and pay for the Internet Only package. The price probably won’t go up any time soon. They already charge too much anyway. Then from what you save on the cable box rentals alone, you can set up your own “close to the old days” home media environment at home.

Step 1: Sign up with Roku.com and pick all the free channels you want. Purchase a Roku 3 box for each TV. ($99.00 each).

Step 2: Buy an HD antenna (Leaf or RCA) and stick it in your attic and connect to the coax cable already in the attic. (Leaf $99.00, RCA $50.00).

Step 3: Buy a Tablo DVR box (up to 6 TV’s) and a couple terabyte external HD. And hook them up to your router. (Tablo box, $200, HD $150).

Step 4: Subscribe to the free Hulu and the tons of Roku movie channels that are free. Roku also has channels for Redbox rentals.



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