DISH & Verizon To Launch Internet TV Service

Things are changing in the world of cable TV. It involves companies like Dish and Verizon who are both looking at providing programing via the internet. The services may not require a cable box. But I bet you will need a Roku/Apple TV box from these providers that they would RENT (Greed) to you. Get it? Just like todays cable offering, outside of the crazy $50/month cable providers charge just for internet (Europe is around $20/month) they make a killing on cable boxes. You pay another $40-$50/month for those stupid boxes. Add the $30 or so a month for basic cable plus phone added to the $50/month for internet and you get to over $100/month (todays pricing model). BUT, then Dish’s view of the service is based on a per user/viewer basis. Sources say that it cost $30/month per person. My guess is that if you have 4 people in your family watching 4 TV’s with 4 different programs, you pay $120/month. Verizon has not developed their services concept far enough to offer target pricing. Whereas with a Roku box or Fire TV box you can get Hulu Plus and Netflix for around $8/month. These guys are really smart. Ha! Ha!

Some things never change. I wish we had some choices. Thanks FCC.


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