Chattanooga, TN – Cities and Counties Should be able to Provide Internet Service

Cable companies are as smart and the guys on Wall Street. Using their lobbyists; they cajole, threaten or promise states they can offer competitive cable TV and internet so there should be a law preventing cities and counties from competing with private cable companies for your business.

Sounds great in theory, but as we have seen, the whole business is close to a monopoly. There are a litany of cities that have legally tried to set up their own internet and TV infrastructure and miserably failed. There are always reasons, such as corruption, mismanagement, inadequate planning and funding. The usual stuff you find everywhere today. But there are also some successes. There are over 16 cities performing studies to provide gigabyte internet services to their communities.

Chattanooga, Tennessee had had their own gigabyte network successfully up and running for about 4 years. So instead of the 25/25Mbps you get from cable, you would get a network 40 times faster and most likely at a lower cost. The results include new companies that are moving to cities that provide gigabyte networks thus helping economic development and saving people tons of money.

So why aren’t all cities examining or re-examining this concept? Simple. Big business and money talks. That’s right. Many of our 50 states were talked into passing laws prohibiting cities from competing with… your current internet provider.

The momentum is here. Net neutrality is on the front page. Getting ripped off every month is discussed at the dinner table. Do something. Send an email to your state representative and tell them what you think. Why? Why not? It’s your money.



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