How to use Roku at Hotels with Login Requirements

Roku has limited login capability when it comes to hotels, airports and other semi-public Wi-Fi access points. I had to travel for a week recently and decided to take my Roku with me to see how simple or complicated it can be to use my Roku with a hotel Wi-Fi system. The issue you run into is that many hotels do not require a user name to use their Wi-Fi, but change the password frequently, or they have a web login page.

I only brought a carryon (dinky) for my trip so I limited my technology list to bare minimums. Once I checked into the hotel and received the Wi-Fi password, I logged into the hotel WIFI system with my IPhone and Android tablet and no had problems. I then connected my Roku box with the HDMI cable I brought with me and an extension cord for the Roku power (hotels do not have very convenient outlet placements).

I then did something many smartphone users rarely had a need to do. I went to my IPhone settings and turned on the “Hotspot” feature. I also kept my phone plugged in case I wanted to watch a few hours of Roku content.

I turned on the Roku box and went to the wireless network settings and bingo. There was my IPhone at the top of the list of available Wi-Fi networks (all with password requirements). I connected to the hotspot using my simple hotspot password and IT WORKED!

All my channels came up, access to my Plex movies and videos were available, everything right there.

So if you are traveling, you might remember my experience. I hope it helps.


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3 thoughts on “How to use Roku at Hotels with Login Requirements

    1. As far as I know, data limits apply to cellular transfers. When you use WIFI you are using your home or hotel internet connection and their and width. Providers may have different policies. Give them a quick call if you want to be sure.

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