The Secret to Cord Cutting Freedom – independent internet service providers GOOGLE please help!

Back in the 90’s there were thousands of internet service providers who would give you internet access for a decent price. Sure back then it was dial up, but it only cost a few bucks to connect. In other words Affordable and reliable.

Those sneaky and smart cable companies realized what the future held and bought out all the little guys, then bought out each other to get to the giants they are today.

The reason it is nearly impossible to cut the cord to cable TV is because the same company is also your internet service provider. So they price their “internet only” offerings so high (twice as much as Europe) you have to be a diehard cord cutter and cut the cord based on principal and not dollar savings. And if you are lucky, you might save a few bucks (no monthly cable box charges).

There is a way to disrupt the status quo. It’s not easy, considering many people don’t have the interest to vote in local and state elections. Cities, counties and even states have passed laws making it illegal for local municipalities to compete in the same geography as cable companies for internet service offerings. The cable companies did a great job of lobbying the right folks. If we changed lose laws, once again we would have something we all thought was lost forever – COMPETITON.

Yes, municipalities have tried and failed, but the success rate is getting much better because cities are learning from the mistakes of others. But first the laws need to change.

Since many people don’t have the time to mess with stuff like this (voting and complaining to elected officials), what we need is a champion. I think that the champion should be Google. They are running very high speed fiber in select cities; they are looking out for our privacy (NSA) and seem like good guys. AND, like the cable companies they have a TON OF MONEY. Let me know what you think.

Contact Google to see if they will fund my nonprofit to change laws for city competition to cable companies.


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