We need a better Channel guide if we want to dump cable – My IPTV Wish List

It is so cool to be able to watch the shift from the omnipotent cable companies who control TV programming to IPTV. We are in a time similar to when the Internet first became popular in the 90’s. Free ideas, lots of choices, but Whoops, very few standards.

I certainly understand this is just the beginning and companies like Roku, Aereo, Apple and Google have jumped into this trend will both feet. But I think we are now at the time that the masses (that’s us) and not the big corporations need to step up and tell those companies along with small developers what we really want. Thus I am providing my wish list. Feel free to Tweet, Facebook and email to anyone who will listen what you really want.

One of the biggest problems IPTV needs to solve is the current “user experience”. That is hitting the guide button and surfing to find what you want to watch. So simple compared to today’s channel structure in IPTV (Roku, Apple TV, etc.). Most people don’t want to have to work to find what they want, which is what you have to do today to find a show you like; even if the shows are already categorized by channel (UFO TV, Kino Lober, etc.). You have to drill down the menus sometimes 3 or 4 times to get to the listings you want to choose from.

My list.

  1. One or two or even three types of channel guides for IPTV content. I mean a channel guide similar to cable in format (for lack of a better idea). Where the channel provider like Paranormal TV, Russia Today, Netflix, HuluPlus, and everyone who provides content will show you their content on the FIRST screen. Say the channels would be across the top (where cable companies put the time) and what is showing now along the left edge. Any new content (shows, channels, etc) would be listed at the top with a “NEW” logo. This idea means that the providers would “push” what is available to you instead of you “pulling” digging and drilling down to find what you want.
  2. Select “Favorites” from providers like Hulu on the first screen like cable so you don’t have to sort through tons of stuff you don’t care about.
  3. Finally, wouldn’t it be cool to integrate this concept with an over the air channel guide like the one Tablo provides? Right now it’s just a dream. But you have to start somewhere.

Hey, I understand all the content providers will scream NO! But like a lot of IT related issues, rarely do they think of the “user experience”. Fixing the channel lineup issue will go a long way to move from the early adopters of today to the masses.

What do you think? Help spread the word.



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