Why I Like Roku boxes for IPTV

I am somewhat of an evangelist. When I really like something, I spread the word. That is one of the reasons I write my blog.

I have had my Roku 3 boxes since they became available a few years ago. They haven’t changed at all regarding the hardware, and the automatic software updates are nice. I have friends with a lot more disposable income than I do, and they have purchased boxes like the Amazon Fire, Apple TV and other devices. They say the processors are faster, they have more fluid interfaces with their backend content provided by the companies who make the hardware.

That’s great for them. But part of the reason I write this blog is because IPTV gives people choices you don’t get from cable behemoths. So there are pluses and minuses to everything involved with making IPTV hardware and content choices.

The reason I started to look for alternatives to cable is for the choices. Roku gives me the choices regarding programs and content and the hardware really works. I use my Roku’s wirelessly in a 3 story town house and have no issues. What really gets me excited is the choices or programming or channels. Tons and tons of stuff “I like to watch and is worth watching”.

One of my favorite channels on my Roku is called PLEX. It is a media manager that runs on my home media server. I recently I installed a new channel in PLEX that almost doubles the amount of movies and shows I have available. What a deal.

I enjoy all my content with complete control and choices (unlike cable) through tons of channels with my Roku boxes. So if you are deciding if you want to dump cable, do two things:

  1. Buy an HD antenna for FREE Live HD programming.
  2. Get a Roku box to give you all the other content you want in addition to your Free live TV.


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One thought on “Why I Like Roku boxes for IPTV

  1. I am still looking for all those supposedly FREE tv programs, etc. I am now a member of Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus and Netflix and none of the deliver what they advertise to do.
    Any suggestions.

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