French TV programming without Cable!

I have been looking for an internet source for French television for a couple of years.  They include channels such as FR3, FR4, FR5, and more. The programming is repeated twice each day after the original broadcast to make it convenient for everyone, and they have DVR capability, all for $29 a month.

For anyone who has been waiting for genuine French TV programming, this option is the one you want to pick. Visit their web site and find out for yourself (

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France 2 France 3 france O France 5
Stylia [1] Histoire _-1[1] Ushuaia _ok [1] Luxe TV HD
zen sortiescine Voiloo [1] Coming Soon !

2 thoughts on “French TV programming without Cable!

  1. Hey media guy.

    I was trying to impress my other half with the beauty of Roku and Ice when at the very last 20 minutes of the movie, it cut off and had to recycle several time to get it finished. Is there something I can do to prevent that from happening?
    Chat with you later my friend.

    1. Wes, I discovered myself this weekend that not all movie source websites are alike. I also had buffering during the movie. sometimes every few seconds. A real pain. I checked my ISP throughput, router throughput, everything. And still had problems. Talks with some friends and found out the infrastructure (IT equipment) the source website uses and their bandwidth plays a big part in the buffering. I am looking for alternative solutions now.

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