50 channels of Live TV streams with cCloud

The Popcorn app lets you watch full length films on a number of platforms from anywhere. Unfortunately its illegal. I am not a proponent of illegal anything, but as part of my efforts to inform potential and existing cord cutters of news in this arena, here it is.

There is a new player in this space that specializes in allowing you to watch 50 channels of live TV including HBO, ESPN, AMC and others. It is called cCloud (http://ccloudus.github.io/#) and it is also illegal, but very ingenious.

It operates on a number of platforms (see below) but the number of channels on the Roku device was linmited to 10. cCloud says this is because Roku places a limit on the number of channels that can be hosted for each account. cCloud is looking for people to host the other 40 channels.

cCloud Platforms

Getting back to the concept. I tried a few of the channels and found that the streams were generally good; unlike Pear where finding really good content is hit and miss at times. Some of the channels you can stream from cCloud include:

  • FX
  • CNN
  • MTV
  • ESPN
  • CNN
  • HBO

Too bad someone can’t convince the content owners like ABC, CBS, etc. to use a technology like this legally to offer cord cutters options they are demanding.


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