Free HULU, ABC and more with Playon

There hasn’t been much to write about the last few months until that is, until Playon ( out with Playon Plus. Those of you who purchased Playon a while ago know what I am talking about. There are many web sites out there advertising free TV, some with recording features but nobody can compete with the deal Playon gives you to access streaming content. You can also cast to your chrome stick if you want.

I have a couple of Roku boxes in my home and with the Playon channel I don’t need much more. I get a whole host of cable like content and just like cable TV you can record your favorite content. By the way, once you have recorded content, you can Skip the ads on playback with Playon’s AdSkip feature. Cable TV won’t let you do that!

I also use their browser add-on called Playmark. Find a video anywhere and click on the Playmark button and bingo, you have your own Playon channel.

If you have an account with the Free HULU content website you can also watch all your favorite HULU shows as well.

What have I left out. Oh yeah, you can access all of this through handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Christmas is coming. For less than the cost of a nice shirt, you can have Playon, with no recurring fees.

Merry Christmas!



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