There is only ONE way to beat cable TV & the internet is not it!

Every day you hear and read about cord cutters and how happy they do not have to pay for cable TV. Whoops! They still have to pay for internet access, which makes sense. When you think that most people leave their TV’s on for the noise factor even when they are not watching but listening to TV; streaming content is the de facto standard of video delivery. What most people do not think about is the cable companies realize what’s coming and have postured themselves to never having to reduce revenue. How can that be?

Easy. There are three elements to the “bundle” package most people subscribe to with their cable company. Phone, TV and internet. As the demand for 40 good channels on cable, they end up paying over $200 a month for those channels, a phone (which is becoming more irrelevant due to cell phones) and the ubiquitous internet connection.

If you look at any cable TV companies web site, they offer internet only services for around $50 a month. Wow. That’s a lot for something that just sits there until you use it. And you’re right. Where there is competition and adequate regulation you can get faster internet for about half the price if you lived in Europe or Asia.

As people look to dump the TV part of their package, they find that they still pay a high amount to stay in the internet streaming game. Add to that that companies like Comcast are starting to limit the amount of data you can use each month with your internet connection, we are headed right back to where we started. Comcast is offering an unlimited internet connection in markets with data limits (like your cell phone data plans) for an additional $30 a month. $50 + $30 = $80, ouch!

So let’s look at online streaming. First, there is no one content provider that offers you all your local stations and a few more. There is no one out there that can put this simple package together. Then you have to pay another $30 on top of the $50 for internet connections, because streaming all day will bust your monthly cap.

Should you decide that you can change your viewing habits (yeah right) you could still cut the cord and have almost everything you have today regarding TV content. Moving to an over the air option (OTA) gives you FREE local TV in 1080p HD.

Let’s compare OTA to the “bundle” and see:

Now Instead try this:
Cable provided phone Cell phone
Cable channels A regular in attic TV antenna
Cable DVR Tablo DVR

It’s really not that hard to make the switch if you change your “viewing habits”. I used to record 6 or 7 shows I loved and went crazy finding the time to watch it all. So I stopped watching all of them and spent time with my wife and dog every day doing stuff. Real life stuff. You can do this too.

It is true not everyone can put an antenna in their attic or on their roof and get a good TV signal, but it doesn’t cost much to try. There is also websites you can search for that can tell you before you spend any money on an antenna (ex. makes great DVR’s to hook your antenna to and record all your favorite shows.

This approach leaves you with only a monthly internet bill much lower than you pay now for the “bundle”.

Let’s look at some numbers:

Cable Bundle Number of Channels Internet, TV, Phone Cable Boxes 1DVR & 2 Boxes Taxes & Fees Monthly Total
Introductory Price 400  $              89  $               25  $   20  $        134
Normal Price  $            225  $               25  $   20  $        270
Cable Internet Only 0  $              50  $                –  $   12  $          62
Streaming content        
Sling TV 23  $              29  $                –  $    –  $          29
Netflix 1  $              12  $                –  $    –  $          12
Amazon 1  $              12  $                –  $    –  $          12
Monthly  $        385
One Time Cost  $           –  
Over the Air Live TV Number of Channels Internet, TV, Phone Cable Boxes 1DVR & 2 Boxes Taxes & Fees Monthly Total
Antenna 20-40 $50 – $100  $                –  $    –  $           –  
DVR (Tablo & Roku 3 TV’s) $550  $                –  $    –  $           –  
Phone (Use cell phone) $0  $                –  $    –  $           –  
Internet only $50  $                –  $    –  $          50
Monthly  $          50
One Time Cost  $        650

Take a few minutes and think about how much TV is a part of your life and the money you spend on video content. Then decide. Good luck.


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The perfect Internet TV combination so you can dump cable – Part 3

As I mentioned in my earlier posts and YouTube video, PlayonTV and Hulu Plus basically replaces your cable TV provider. What do you need to do to get on this bandwagon? Easy,

  1. Go to and buy their ultimate package for less than $60, It comes with over 90 cable channels and DVR software. You pay only once, no monthly fees.
  2. Go to and sign up for Hulu Plus, yes it costs $7.99 a month but that is better than your cable bill, isn’t it?
  3. Take any PC you have, either a desktop or laptop;
  4. Make sure it has an HDMI output. If not buy one for your desktop for $50, sorry older laptops can’t be upgraded
  5. Connect the HDMI cable to the PC and TV
  6. Connect a Roku box up (takes 5 minutes)
  7. Go to the Roku website register and select two channels (which will automatically download the ROku device in your house
  8. Select the PlayonTV channel and watch over 90 cable channels with DVR capability (your media server and PlayonTV software)
  9. Select the Hulu Plus channel and watch all your regular TV shows (one day after they are broadcast.

You can do all this in a few hours. In the end, you pay $7.99 a month for Hulu Plus and get free programming for life from PlayonTV. That wasn’t too hard now was it?

Leave a comment and let me know.

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