Free HULU, ABC and more with Playon

There hasn’t been much to write about the last few months until that is, until Playon ( out with Playon Plus. Those of you who purchased Playon a while ago know what I am talking about. There are many web sites out there advertising free TV, some with recording features but nobody can compete with the deal Playon gives you to access streaming content. You can also cast to your chrome stick if you want.

I have a couple of Roku boxes in my home and with the Playon channel I don’t need much more. I get a whole host of cable like content and just like cable TV you can record your favorite content. By the way, once you have recorded content, you can Skip the ads on playback with Playon’s AdSkip feature. Cable TV won’t let you do that!

I also use their browser add-on called Playmark. Find a video anywhere and click on the Playmark button and bingo, you have your own Playon channel.

If you have an account with the Free HULU content website you can also watch all your favorite HULU shows as well.

What have I left out. Oh yeah, you can access all of this through handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Christmas is coming. For less than the cost of a nice shirt, you can have Playon, with no recurring fees.

Merry Christmas!



International Programming & Hulu “FREE” on your TV with no computer!

I have tried a number of apps and hardware solutions to get my free HULU content on my TV. For those of you who don’t know. There is a free version of HULU out there. The problem is that unless you have a computer, Amazon Fire (HDMI connection to your TV), or, you are out of luck when it comes to getting the free HULU content on to your TV. That is until Roku recently added their mirroring feature on the Roku 3 box for FREE! I love those guys.

It is so easy it’s hard.

  1. Just download the Roku app (IOS & Android) to your smartphone or tablet. Make sure the mirroring feature is turned on in your Roku box (under settings) and BAM! You are ready.
  2. Next use your smartphone or tablet to go to the website and pick the shows you saved when you signed up and selected the shows that interested you. Click on the show to start and then click on the share button. You will see the Roku device listed and then select it.

That’s it. It works.

For international programming, I downloaded a small app called HOLA ( This app gives you VPN capability to your smartphone or tablet. You can select certain apps to VPN from different countries, thus eliminating geo-locking of certain foreign content. I have a couple of browsers loaded on my tablet and one of them is set with HOLA to run from France. I use this browser to mirror my French content to my Roku box.

I can’t write anymore because that’s all there is to it. Enjoy.

By the way. I have a boost mobile smartphone I use as a remote and mirroring/casting device. I bought it on craigslist for $20 and leave it on the coffee table so I can use my regular smartphone or tablet for other things.


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A real deal? For $50/mo. Verizon offers FiOS Internet 50/25 Mbps + TV Local + HBO® and HBO GO®

Somebody at Verizon finally woke up. I never thought I would see a deal from a cable company I would ever consider until now. You can find the deal at

The $50 they charge is actually the same they charge (depending where you look) for internet alone. Also note that this package does not offer telephone services, but for many, who cares?

Of course that does not include everything you need. I used the Verizon chat service and found out there are more monthly charges, but not a lot. Take a look at the chart below for the list and my alternative suggestions.

What you need  Cost Alternatives  Cost
One regular cable box $11.99/mo. None  
Rent for Digital Adapter per TV (no HD channels) $5.99/mo. HDHomeRun PRIME (HDHR3-CC)

Roku Box



Base FIOS deal $50/mo. Base FIOS deal $50/mo.
TOTAL per month $78.00~/mo. TOTAL per month $50.00~/mo.


Let’s say you hook the set top box up to your Living Room TV. BAM! You got cable for approximately 20 channels in HD and a program guide. In your other rooms you can start with the Verizon digital adapter to see how you like it. Then add a couple of Roku boxes to all your TV’s. Why? With Roku you can now access HBOGO (and on your tablets and phone as well) along with tons of free movie channels such as Snagfilms (free), Netflix (pay) and tons of other content for FREE! You can also get a free DVR. Sign up for the regular HULU (not HULUPLUS) and watch your favorite programs when you want.

If you want to use your cable cord in other rooms you can also purchase the Silicondust, HDHomeRun PRIME (HDHR3-CC) at It allows you to watch all unscrambled content form Verizon similar to the digital adapter you rent from Verizon.

Keep in mind both the Roku and Silicondust options are one-time costs, paid back in a short time.

That’s pretty much it in a nutshell. The deal is not for everybody, and I strongly suggest you contact Verizon and ask a lot of questions before you decide.


The Role of Streaming TV in an IPTV World

I started paying attention to my family’s viewing habits and discovered that like most family’s, we leave the TV on all day to make the noise people are most comfortable with hearing. Being able to glance at the TV when something interests you like a news flash. I would walk into the room and ask if I can change channels because no one is really watching while family members read books, pay bills, etc.. The answer I usually get is “Sure no problem, I am not really watching.” Does this describe your family? If it does, then think about what options are already out there that cost little or nothing to get you to dump cable.

The easiest streaming option with a little money is an outdoor antenna mounted in your attic or outside, depending on your location and geography. Simply go to and find out what stations are available based on your address. Chances are you can get 5-6 major stations like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and PBS. You can also go to YouTube and search for HD antennas. You get tons of how to make your own HD antenna for a few bucks.

So what happens at the end of the day when you really want to watch all your “favorite” shows? TADA! IPTV gives you all your shows for a few bucks month. You say “but doesn’t the antenna already give me my shows at night too? Yes it does. But if the over the air reception in your location doesn’t meet your expectations, then here is what you can do.

Buy a Roku 3 device for $100. Sign up for HULU Plus for $7.99 a month and Bingo you are good to go. The reason I use HULU Plus is because like most people, I do not watch all my favorite shows when they are broadcast. With HULU Plus, I get an instant DVR with the whole season of my shows saved for me. There is a free version of HULU you can try that does not give you your shows for a day or two (depending on the original broadcast channel) and will give you limited past episode access, but it is Free.

Roku also gives  you cable channels like PBS, Lifetime, A&E, History who have thier own channels on the Roku box. Add in some extras like Snag films (free) or Netflix (paid) and that is alot of content.

Roku channels like Redbox and VUDU let you rent movies like you may be used to without leaving your house.

So what are you waiting for? Dump  Cable!



Playon beats Hulu

I continue to use Playon and Playlater to view and record tv shows. Playon includes a Hulu channel so I decided to compare the selection of both Playon and Hulu. They share many of the same shows, but I found that my two favorites, NCIS and LA NCIS were not offered by Hulu. So take a close look at what you get from Hulu then go out and buy Playon. The ability to customize the channel lineup is a feature don’t see in other IPTV solutions.

good viewing


Basic TV & Basic Cable for less than $150 (Dump Cable)

I know folks its hard to believe. How bad to you want to dump cable? Willing to spend a few bucks risk-free to see if this option will work for you? Why not? I post different ideas on how to dump cable and each of them costs something different. This option is the cheapest one I know except for buying an outside antenna and getting 22 channels.

Step 1: Buy a Roku box for less than $100

Step 2: Buy the entire package for $50 and install on a PC. This will give you basic cable, Hulu (standard definition) and more. You get 30 days free to see if you like it. Also make sure you use a newer PC. All PC processors (chips) have a rating. If you want to stream video over the internet without buffering or other transmission problems you want to make sure the processor in the PC can handle the video stream so you are not calling tech support alot. If you click on your Windows Start button then put your mouse over “Computer”. Then right click and click on “Properties”. The screen that pops up will tell you the chip that you have in the “Processor” section. Write down what you see there.

 PC Processor Menu Selection for processor typePC Processor Type for cpubenchmark

Then go to and click on “search for your CPU model”. When the page pops up “DO NOT PERFORM A SEARCH”. Unless you type the exact character string to match thier list, nothing comes up. Look down the list and find your processor. The first column to the right is the “Passmark CPU Mark”. If your CPU is over 1,000 your streaming should be pretty solid. Keep in mind bandwidth, RAM and other stuff may impact your video quality. But if your CPU is over a 1000, give it a try. You get 30 days free with 

CPU Benchmark 1308
Happy viewing.

Bill, home media guy



The perfect Internet TV combination so you can dump cable – Part 3

As I mentioned in my earlier posts and YouTube video, PlayonTV and Hulu Plus basically replaces your cable TV provider. What do you need to do to get on this bandwagon? Easy,

  1. Go to and buy their ultimate package for less than $60, It comes with over 90 cable channels and DVR software. You pay only once, no monthly fees.
  2. Go to and sign up for Hulu Plus, yes it costs $7.99 a month but that is better than your cable bill, isn’t it?
  3. Take any PC you have, either a desktop or laptop;
  4. Make sure it has an HDMI output. If not buy one for your desktop for $50, sorry older laptops can’t be upgraded
  5. Connect the HDMI cable to the PC and TV
  6. Connect a Roku box up (takes 5 minutes)
  7. Go to the Roku website register and select two channels (which will automatically download the ROku device in your house
  8. Select the PlayonTV channel and watch over 90 cable channels with DVR capability (your media server and PlayonTV software)
  9. Select the Hulu Plus channel and watch all your regular TV shows (one day after they are broadcast.

You can do all this in a few hours. In the end, you pay $7.99 a month for Hulu Plus and get free programming for life from PlayonTV. That wasn’t too hard now was it?

Leave a comment and let me know.

home media guy