DISH & Verizon To Launch Internet TV Service

Things are changing in the world of cable TV. It involves companies like Dish and Verizon who are both looking at providing programing via the internet. The services may not require a cable box. But I bet you will need a Roku/Apple TV box from these providers that they would RENT (Greed) to you. Get it? Just like todays cable offering, outside of the crazy $50/month cable providers charge just for internet (Europe is around $20/month) they make a killing on cable boxes. You pay another $40-$50/month for those stupid boxes. Add the $30 or so a month for basic cable plus phone added to the $50/month for internet and you get to over $100/month (todays pricing model). BUT, then Dish’s view of the service is based on a per user/viewer basis. Sources say that it cost $30/month per person. My guess is that if you have 4 people in your family watching 4 TV’s with 4 different programs, you pay $120/month. Verizon has not developed their services concept far enough to offer target pricing. Whereas with a Roku box or Fire TV box you can get Hulu Plus and Netflix for around $8/month. These guys are really smart. Ha! Ha!

Some things never change. I wish we had some choices. Thanks FCC.


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A real deal? For $50/mo. Verizon offers FiOS Internet 50/25 Mbps + TV Local + HBO® and HBO GO®

Somebody at Verizon finally woke up. I never thought I would see a deal from a cable company I would ever consider until now. You can find the deal at

The $50 they charge is actually the same they charge (depending where you look) for internet alone. Also note that this package does not offer telephone services, but for many, who cares?

Of course that does not include everything you need. I used the Verizon chat service and found out there are more monthly charges, but not a lot. Take a look at the chart below for the list and my alternative suggestions.

What you need  Cost Alternatives  Cost
One regular cable box $11.99/mo. None  
Rent for Digital Adapter per TV (no HD channels) $5.99/mo. HDHomeRun PRIME (HDHR3-CC)

Roku Box



Base FIOS deal $50/mo. Base FIOS deal $50/mo.
TOTAL per month $78.00~/mo. TOTAL per month $50.00~/mo.


Let’s say you hook the set top box up to your Living Room TV. BAM! You got cable for approximately 20 channels in HD and a program guide. In your other rooms you can start with the Verizon digital adapter to see how you like it. Then add a couple of Roku boxes to all your TV’s. Why? With Roku you can now access HBOGO (and on your tablets and phone as well) along with tons of free movie channels such as Snagfilms (free), Netflix (pay) and tons of other content for FREE! You can also get a free DVR. Sign up for the regular HULU (not HULUPLUS) and watch your favorite programs when you want.

If you want to use your cable cord in other rooms you can also purchase the Silicondust, HDHomeRun PRIME (HDHR3-CC) at It allows you to watch all unscrambled content form Verizon similar to the digital adapter you rent from Verizon.

Keep in mind both the Roku and Silicondust options are one-time costs, paid back in a short time.

That’s pretty much it in a nutshell. The deal is not for everybody, and I strongly suggest you contact Verizon and ask a lot of questions before you decide.