Playon beats Hulu

I continue to use Playon and Playlater to view and record tv shows. Playon includes a Hulu channel so I decided to compare the selection of both Playon and Hulu. They share many of the same shows, but I found that my two favorites, NCIS and LA NCIS were not offered by Hulu. So take a close look at what you get from Hulu then go out and buy Playon. The ability to customize the channel lineup is a feature don’t see in other IPTV solutions.

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Streaming Internet TV or FREE Internet TV – There is a difference you need to know about

When you search on the internet for Free Internet TV you get hundreds of results. Most results cost money, some are free. What you don’t see up front is that almost all of them have TV shows and movies that are not LIVE. Even options like Roku and Apple TV offer hundreds of channels most of which do not provide Live streaming.

Why is this worth writing about? Because most us who are (or were) hooked on cable, expect a similar experience with Internet TV. Not so. Don’t get me wrong. The only TV show I watch Live anymore is the morning and evening news, and that is mainly for the traffic and weather. When there are no new TV shows on during the summer, or for some people every day of the year, most people leave the TV on any channel for the noise in the house. TV has replaced the radio our parents used to listen to years ago.

There are only two sources of live, leave it on all day Internet TV programming available today that I am aware of. The first is over the air with an antenna or The second is a limited number of web sites that stream their video output through their website.

I use a combination of all of the above. I use to get all my TV programming except for live local news. With Playon I also have access to the Free Hulu content. When TV networks post their TV content to be available on the Internet, Playon gives you the chance to watch the content and to record it locally and legally. I am happy. I also have a local 24 hour news TV station that streams their content real time and Playon lets me add that stream to my channel lineup.

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