YouTube for Roku Whoopee!

If you haven’t heard already, there is a new YouTube channel for the Roku 3. So What? Let me tell you. I search for full length films on YouTube and tag them to the “Watch Later” option. Then in my living room, using the new YouTube channel, go to the “Watch Later” feature and watch my movies for FREE! So who needs Netflix?

Add the Snag Filmls channel to your Roku 3 and you get tons of FREE movies to watch. So download the YouTube channel today!



Playon HD Rocks! Never Pay Monthly Fees Again…

If there is anybody out there that does not want to pay a monthly fee for TV and do not get good over the air reception, then BUY PLAYON NOW! The new 720p HD capability gives you everything you need for your TV viewing pleasure.

  1. Current episodes available when YOU want to watch your favorite show
  2. No commercials when the show is playing
  3. Better than Hulu Plus because  no monthly fees
  4. Record your shows locally to you home PC hard disk
  5. Watch YouTube videos you have in your queue
  6. Browse shows on your tablet and send to your TV

 What else do you need? That it, really! I will never go back to Cable TV.

Home media guy