The big Corporations want to take over Internet TV – Look out!

Companies like DISH and Sony are looking to jump into the IPTV market and make a ton of money. That is your money. But there are options.

DISH is exploring an internet TV option geared to 18-34 year old consumers that would provide content to all devices EXCEPT TV’s for $20-$30/month. I am not sure how that will work for the rest of us. Not all local TV providers will be included based on the original Bloomberg article (

Sony on the other hand wants to provide IPTV service for $60-$80/month ( Like I want to pay more for what?

We will have to wait and see how all of this posturing by the big guys shakes out. In the meantime, buy yourself an HD antenna, subscribe to Netflix and Hulu and you won’t care what happens with the big boys.


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DISH & Verizon To Launch Internet TV Service

Things are changing in the world of cable TV. It involves companies like Dish and Verizon who are both looking at providing programing via the internet. The services may not require a cable box. But I bet you will need a Roku/Apple TV box from these providers that they would RENT (Greed) to you. Get it? Just like todays cable offering, outside of the crazy $50/month cable providers charge just for internet (Europe is around $20/month) they make a killing on cable boxes. You pay another $40-$50/month for those stupid boxes. Add the $30 or so a month for basic cable plus phone added to the $50/month for internet and you get to over $100/month (todays pricing model). BUT, then Dish’s view of the service is based on a per user/viewer basis. Sources say that it cost $30/month per person. My guess is that if you have 4 people in your family watching 4 TV’s with 4 different programs, you pay $120/month. Verizon has not developed their services concept far enough to offer target pricing. Whereas with a Roku box or Fire TV box you can get Hulu Plus and Netflix for around $8/month. These guys are really smart. Ha! Ha!

Some things never change. I wish we had some choices. Thanks FCC.


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No More Commercials on ABC Network – DISH did it!

Finally someone got the message. Last week Disney (whoowns ABC) made a deal with DISH networks to provide content from ABC with NO repeat NO commercials! You have to wait 3 days from the original broacast day to see the programming. But so what!

The deal will allow DISH customers to hop or skip commercials while you are watching using DISH’s auto hop technology. Meanwhile CBS and NBC are still fighting DISH over this feature.

Who knows maybe the logic will catch on and spread.